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You can use YouTube in many ways, but since it's a video-sharing network, two obvious options are to watch other people's videos and to upload your own so other folks can watch them.

The site's motto is "Broadcast Yourself," but you don't have to, of course. You can simply watch other people broadcasting themselves. Or you can broadcast anything else you want besides yourself—your pet Fido's escapades, your baby's wobbly first steps, random scenes from your life, and current news or comical scenes that you may witness.

Use YouTube Anonymously to Watch Videos

Unlike other social networks, YouTube doesn't require you to create an account before you can search for content or view videos. Searching and watching are two activities you can engage in anonymously on the site.

But if you want to broadcast yourself or anything else, you'll have to register for a Google account and get a username and password, because you can't upload videos without a user ID.

Get an Account to Broadcast Yourself

Google, which bought YouTube in 2006 and now operates it as a subsidiary, abolished standalone YouTube accounts a few years later. Today it lets people use any existing Google ID to sign into YouTube so they can create custom channels and do all the things allowed with a YouTube account. If you don't have a Google ID or don't want to link it to YouTube, you can create a new (joint) YouTube and Google account, which basically means creating a new Google ID.

Your Own Video Channel

All your uploaded videos are grouped together into your own video channel. You can set the privacy level, determining whether the public can watch them or only authorized friends.

You can make your custom YouTube video channel look spiffy by uploading your own logo or another image. Each video you upload also can be customized in terms of how the controls look. And, of course, you can add titles and descriptions to help people decide if they want to watch your individual

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